Outdoor Cabin Sauna


Experience a new twist on sauna design with the Dundalk LeisureCraft™  Cedar Cabin Saunas. Combining the elegance and practicality of our traditional barrel saunas with a cabin-style format, these saunas cater to those who prefer a different shape. Larger models feature two-tier bench seating and bronze tempered glass doors. Perfectly suited for your deck, backyard patio, or dock, these outdoor cabin saunas offer a stylish and functional addition to any space.


Glass Door

Solid wood door frame featuring a tempered glass door

Cedar Roof

Triple-layer cedar roof panels offer easy installation and effective waterproofing

Solid Wood

Constructed from solid wood with a cedar shake roof

Easy to Assemble

Pre-cut sauna package designed for easy assembly


Two Tier Benches

Two-tier benches available as an option for larger sauna sizes

Side Window

Optional side windows available on one or both sides of the door


Wall Mount Sand Timer

This sand timer is ideal for mounting in your sauna to help you keep track of your time and fully enjoy its benefits

Cedar Bottle Shelf

This shelf is ideal for securely holding your eucalyptus bottle or water bottles while you enjoy your sauna

Massage Brush

Incorporate this massage brush into your accessory collection for enhanced relaxation during your sauna sessions

Essence Oil

Add this Eucalyptus Oil to the water, and when poured over the rocks, it will provide the soothing benefits of aromatherapy. The aroma is both delightful and deeply relaxing

Vent Kit

Vent kits ensure even airflow throughout your sauna, allowing for higher and more consistent temperatures


Install three solid cedar wooden hooks in your sauna to provide a stylish and practical spot for your towels

Bucket And Ladle

Our 4-liter pine sauna bucket with a plastic insert is ideal for any sauna. The wooden ladle is perfectly sized to add water to the rocks, generating the steam you need


Our wooden thermometer is the perfect tool for accurately reaching your desired sauna temperature

Elite Backrest

This cedar backrest will greatly enhance your comfort during your time in the sauna

Comfort Backrest

This versatile cedar head or backrest is designed for maximum comfort. Use it for support while sitting or as a cushion for your head when lying down. You'll experience unparalleled relaxation

Electric Light

This light is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use in your sauna. Its frame is both sturdy and stylish

Cedar Light Shade

This elegant cedar light cover is ideal for covering our wall-mounted light

Outdoor Solar Light

This outdoor solar light is ideal for illuminating the entrance to your sauna and can be easily mounted


Electric Saaku Heater

Saaku Electric Sauna Heaters feature a built-in control on the front base and are ETLC approved

Electric Harvia KIP Heater

The Harvia KIP Electric Sauna heaters feature a built-in control on the front base and are approved by ULC

Wood Burning Harvia Heater

The Harvia wood-burning heater with an interior feed is crafted in Finland and includes a glass door

Huum Hive Heater

Electric floor model heater available with optional Wi-Fi controls

Huum Drop Heater

Wall mounted electric heater with optional Wi-Fi Controls

Homecraft Revive Heater

Stainless steel floor-standing heater, proudly made in Canada

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