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Experience the healing power of hydrotherapy. The unique J-475™ offers three layers of deep relief: exclusive RX hydro massage jets, Red Light, and Near-Infrared therapy in a stunning 6-7 seat package.

Designed for full-body relief and recovery, the J-475™ boasts the widest variety of adjustable PowerPro® Jets of any Jacuzzi® model. This luxury hot tub features three hardworking Therapy Seats for the ultimate in hydrotherapy relief. 1. Therapy Lounge: Swedish-style hydromassage along the back and deep-tissue jets for tension-relieving neck and calve massage. 2. FX-12 Therapy Seat: Stimulating deep tissue spiral jets to massage neck, back, and calves, as well as Near-Infrared and Red Light therapy. 3. MX2 Jet Therapy Seat: Supports the body while focusing on lower back, plus precision jets to knead the neck and upper back. The J-475™ comes standard with a protective high-back design, an extra-wide cascading waterfall, cup holders at every seat, and an adjustable headrest. Cradle yourself in total body bliss with this massage-ready model. Quick overview Perfect for: Relief from aches and pains, deep tissue and Swedish-style massage Seats: 6-7 Defining factor: Widest variety of PowerPro® Jets Unique features: 3 Therapy Seats, Therapy Lounge seat, foot dome jets Number of jets: 55 Three layers of unbelievable relaxation, plus the power of Infrared technology. Elevate your relaxation experience. As the first and only brand offering Near-Infrared and Red Light therapy, we ensure a level of rejuvenation you’ve never felt before – all at the push of a button. Layer 1 – Relaxing Hydrotherapy: Premium Jacuzzi® PowerPro® jets deliver a skin-level massage to reduce stress, aid in muscle recovery, and improve your overall sense of wellbeing. Layer 2 – Regenerative Red Light: Specialized light reaches surface tissue and cells to reduce inflammation, rehabilitate muscle tissue, and ease lower-back pain. Layer 3 – Rejuvenating Near Infrared: Near Infrared light waves reach deeper to muscle tissue within the lower back to improve range of motion and provide pain relief.

  •  440 gal / 1666 l
  •  925 lb / 419.5 kg
  •  53
  •  1-Speed, 5.1 HP break, 2.5 HP continuous, 56 Frame
  •  1-Speed, 5.1 HP break, 2.5 HP continuous, 56 Frame
  •  Yes
  •  37.5
  •  91.0
  •  91.0
  •  440.0
  •  1666.0
  •  535.0

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