Health Benefits of a Swim Spa

The benefits of swimming and heated-water bathing have been well established for thousands of years. Aquatic Training Vessels™ bring the experience into the modern age with innovations in hydrodynamic flow control, full-body hydromassage, pristine water care and self-contained portability. Made in the USA with nearly 40 years of Marquis® manufacturing experience, ATV™ is the best swim spa brand and is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on ConsumerAffairs.

Swim Training Benefits

Whether you are a recreational swimmer or a competitive athlete, swim training is vital to develop good fundamentals, maintain conditioning, as well as boost performance. Members-only gym pools and aquatic centers are fine, but may also have scheduling issues or raise concerns about public hygiene and privacy. In contrast, ATV provide all the benefits of swim training in the comfort and privacy of your home.

Aquatic Fitness Benefits

Aquatic fitness and water aerobics are among the most enjoyable, refreshing and rewarding forms of exercise. Being surrounded by hundreds of gallons of heated water offers many benefits, including low-impact hydraulic resistance, increased vertical and lateral stability, and reduced joint strain and inflammation. In addition, ATV swim spas deliver greater swim area than other brands, more balanced hydrodynamics, and a variety of thoughtful fitness options to keep you engaged.

Hydrotherapy Benefits

Hydrotherapy combines water, heat and hydromassage to relieve mental and physical discomfort and promote well-being. Drawing upon 40 years of Marquis innovation, ATV swim spas offer from two to eight hydrotherapy seats with an array of jets targeting the neck, shoulders, lumbar, legs and feet. Improve blood circulation, reduce muscle tension, promote relaxation and experience a variety of additional health benefits.

Relaxation Benefits

At the end of a long day, knowing you have a heated-water oasis waiting for you is priceless. Aquatic exercise is a great stress-reliever, boosting endorphins and lowering stress-hormone levels. Or maybe you just want to chill out, as the perfectly-balanced system of high-flow, low-pressure hydromassage jets penetrate deeply into your sore muscles. Let your stiff neck, tight shoulders and tension headaches melt away, leaving you stress-free, centered and ready for a night of restful sleep.

Family & Social Benefits

Splash around with the grandkids, enjoy quality time with friends and family, or share a romantic soak under the stars. Enjoy aquatic fitness as a couple, encouraging one another and using the opportunity to reconnect. With at least two therapy seats in every model, ATV are ideal for meaningful conversation with a friend or loved one.

Health & Wellness Benefits

Even when you are motivated and able-bodied, maintaining a regular fitness routine is challenging. If you struggle with mobility issues or cope with advanced age, obesity, depression or other barriers to success, it can be even more difficult. Fortunately, ATV makes it as convenient as possible for you to enjoy the benefits of aquatic fitness and hydrotherapy. From general benefits, such as lower blood pressure, to symptom relief for conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, insomnia, and restless legs syndrome, a full spectrum of benefits await you.